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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

YUR 2008

So many things happened in 2007 (the start of YUR Magazine *smile*) but this year (2008) is a breathe of fresh air. This year is a year of renewal. Some us of are tackling fears, over coming obstacles and even stepping out on faith to kick start our dreams and visions.

On news year’s eve I was sick and I mean broke down for real. Dragging to work (several jobs), running errands, everything. Yes I know I need a whooping. I attended my church’s early watch night service (flu and all…yes I’m special for real), so I am sitting there in church with my scarf around my nose and mouth and coat fully zipped (I looked “special” too) and the pastor began speaking about 2008 and new beginnings. I was all fired up and excited thinking it is about time!!!! I left church and heard songs on new beginnings, turned on the TV and commercials on new beginnings, so I am thinking everyone is feeling the same across the board about this new beginning thing. So I am really excited now (but with 103 temperature and cold sweats…but it was a new beginning). So what happened to me during the very first days of 2008 …my body broke completely down to where I was in bed for almost a week. But during that down time (in and out of consciousness) I began to put all of the things and activities I was involved in perspective. What was important? What was not important? What deserved my money and time what does not? Whose voice I should and should not be listening to? Where do I see my dream and vision in 5, 10, 15, 20 years in contrast to those around me? I was sick but I now know it was a time where “He MADE me lay down in the green pastures” and meditate and really put some thoughts into my life, His purpose and His promise for me. So now I know for sure that 2008 is a year of New and continuous beginnings.

You all Be Special