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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Get Plugged In!

Get PLUGed in!!

PLUG (People Linked Under God), a nonprofit organization created by Bobby “lil Buddy” Boyle and his wife Temeshia Boyle, was founded in 2009 in Hardeman County of West Tennessee. This spiritual based organization was founded on the importance of family, unification and community peace. In an interview with the organization founder, Bobby “lil Buddy” Boyle, he stated “We stand behind our members. We walk along side one another, not behind or ahead. We are all brothers and sister whether we were born by blood or just in the community. We want to show what the power of God can do, once implemented back into the communities. Our community service is free of charge; there is no cost to the love of God and the love of one another. “

PLUG serves as mentors in the community. This mentorship extends from men and women to the community youth. They teach principles of self respect as well as the respect of others. Rapidly growing in numbers, this organization is surpassing county and state borders. Their message of “Fighting to do right, not fighting to do wrong” is counteracting current neighborhood violence (domestic and gang). They have already appeared on local news stations for their abundance good deeds demonstrated throughout West Tennessee. Bobbie “lil Buddy” Boyle, states “We want to change the face of the world. There is power in numbers. If criminal and violent gangs can make the history, so can we! Love conquers all! We are real regular people; therefore there is no condemnation within our group. We have standards but we are not judgmental.”

Being a native of Whiteville, Tennessee (Hardeman county), quite naturally I was thrilled to hear about the community coming together to make change. My younger brother Lorenzo Tisdale Jr. (current member of PLUG), began telling me about this organization in December 2010. The compassion and excitement he expressed when speaking about PLUG and its founders sparked my interest about this organization. I was first intrigued and now I am plugged into PLUG.

For more information about PLUG, contact 731-659-1538, 731-254-2462 (hotline), or email PeopleLinkUnderGod@yahoo.com. WEBSITE COMING SOON!!

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