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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What Am I Going To Do?

I was talking on the phone with a friend with my friend (poet and author) Raziya, and she made the statement "When will shooting at a high school graduation becomes inappropriate?". I had to wonder to my self "When did it become appropriate?".

Recently there was a shooting at a local high school graduation. The people involved were not students yet adults. It was said that it was gang related, others say it was from a previous altercation at a club, regardless of it conception, why was the situation handled at a high school graduation? A time when students should be reflecting on their past academic experiences and the future that they are about to embark upon, they should not be running and ducking bullets. I recall last year, a friend of mind was attending a high school commencement ceremony and caught site of rival gangs exchanging words, her "inner voice" told her to gather her things, her mother, grandmother and exit the premises. Shortly after she left, the young men erupted into a fight and later shooting.

My question is "What do WE do as a generation?"What can we do? These are out young men and women ( our children and future) affected by this. I am not blaming the young men, young women, parents, grandparnets, public officials or school systems. I want to know what can I do as an individual to help regain our community and young people.

I have seen the statement "If You are Not Apart of the solution, You are apart of the problem?" Can someone tell me the equation, question.... anything? What can we do as one unit, one community, one people to solve or alleviate this problem?

I mentioned to Raziya that we are all aware ( well some people) that this is more spiritual that physical. I mention maybe the people who are seeking change and a better tomorrow should first fast, pray, and seek direct from God and to work on one accord for our people.

Whatever it is, the time is now to do it. Most of us are at an age when leaders during the civil right era were peaking. It seems like most of us are stuck. An elder told me that marching and sit ins worked for his era but WE need to think of new tactics. With the technology today, we have the world at our finger tips. Don't get me wrong, we have a activists ( known and unknown) in 2009 taking on this battle one person at a time, but taking on the world's burden is too much for a handful of people.

Somebody Help Me.

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