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Monday, December 27, 2010

Behind the Mask of One Man’s Mind

Behind the Mask of One Man’s Mind

When I sat down with poet John Mask, I really didn’t know who to expect. This author, poet, and motivational speaker has one of the kindest spirits that I have ever come across. Originally from Gary, Indiana now residing in West Tennessee, John Mask has been traveling the country spreading messages of faith and healing with the active promotion of his new collection of poems entitled “One Man’s Mind”. John has been speaking everywhere from the churches to the local open mics. He has taken this book of poetry and created a platform to inspire and motivate men and women throughout the nation.

One of his poems that speak volumes is the piece entitled “I Hear the Screams”. This poem is brimming with compassion of a person reaching out to a victim of domestic violence. Mask’s poetry covers topics from faith, spiritual hypocrisy to ups and downs in relationships. Poems like “Mother “and “My Heart Cries” speak to the soul of the reader and express the vulnerability of real emotions.

My Heart Cries

The More I look into the mirror
Nothing seems any clearer,
Why do I cry from all the pain inside?
When I’m happy, that’s when I’m sad.
When I’m upset, that’s when I’m glad.
Things are all mixed-up; yet I can’t fix them up.
My heart still cries,
Trying to pick up and start all over,
The more I try to stand up straight,
The more I bend my shoulders,
Why oh Why does my heart still cry?
The more I try to stop the pain, the more I die inside.
I pray everyday for the pain to go away
But I can’t lie, nor would I deny; the more I pray
The more my heart still cries.
By John J. Mask © 2009

Transparent in his message and on paper and person, John is genuine with his readers and fans. In a conversation with YUR Magazine earlier this year John stated that he never imagined his poetry would impact people the way that it has. He has been contacted by both men and women who’ve been moved by his words. This may be “One Man’s Mind but his message is reaching the masses. In November 2011, Mask is due to release another book entitled “Revealing the Mask”. His readers are anxiously waiting the revealing of this new work of revelation and enlightenment that all began with one man’s mind.

Both books will be available for purchase at Amazon.com.

One Man’s Mind (ISBN 978-0-9818956-3-5) was published through Curry Brother’s Marketing and Publishing . http://www.currybrotherspublishing.com/

Revealing the Mask was published through Feel Me Inc. Publishing Division. http://www.feelmepublishing.com/

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